Success Stories

“After countless bouts of painful ear infections, I brought our three daughters to Dr. Slocum for chiropractic care. The results have been remarkable. Since we started treatment in early January, they have been free of ear infections and their immune systems appear stronger. Dr. Slocum is wonderful with the kids, he has made it a very comfortable enviroment for them and they look forward to each visit.”

Kim E.

“In 1990, I was told that I had asthma. I was prescribed an inhaler as with everyone. As the years went by, I was prescribed two additional inhalers as well as an inhaler for allergies.  I continued to use all four inhalers until October of 2004 when I met Dr. Dustin Slocum. He suggested that he wanted to try to correct the problem. My first thought was that it was a respiratory condition and how can a chiropractor help me?
Later that month I went to Slocum Chiropractic. By the end of the first few months I was totally off the two inhalers, as well as the inhaler for allergies.
Now, one year later, I only use the one Proventil inhaler when needed. I have not had to make the trip to the emergency room for that “seasonal trip”, usually between September and November, for a major attack for the past two years. He has done an incredible job for my situation.”

Donna H.